For almost 10 years i have worked as a landscape gardener but the artist in me could no longer find complete satisfaction in my work. The long and short of this story is i decided after many months of questioning what i wanted to do, to do a degree in design crafts.
Thinking it would be hard after working for so long and knowing i would have no income it was a difficult desicion. However here i am embarking on my final year and i would do it all over again!

Inspired by a recent project brief 'blindart', my pieces focus on movement, rhythm, the planned and the random and concentric circles, along with the themes of repetition and growth the pieces toy with the senses responding to the slightest touch and vibration.

The Installation appears to be delicate and simple yet resonates feelings of being bound, confined or trapped.

However, I do not want to dictate how the viewer should see the pieces, for me they are beautiful, delicate, intriuging and playful.
simplicity is beauty!